Fc sand bids farewell in style

Fc sand bids farewell in style

After a minute of silence for the deceased sander caretaker richard krines, the home team really got going, because already in the 2nd minute the home team scored a goal. Minute offered itself after a nice play by tobias seifert a first einschuss-moglichkeit, which was blocked however. Seifert also scored in the 8th minute after a brilliant combination. Minute just past the far post. The good FC sand had in the 16. Minute after a einzelelleistung by fabian benkert another rough chance, and in the 18. Minute brought matthias hoff a wonderful pass from sebastian gotz not quite under control.

Chances also for the guest

FC sand was not only strong in the forward play, the defense also stood firm and allowed little to happen. Only in the 22. In the 22nd minute, TSV striker endres had a chance to shoot after a back pass from peter, but he put the ball far over the goal. In the 28. Minute got the spectators again a very nice sander play to see, whereby the ball was carried over four, five stations directly forward, the crowning conclusion by matthias hoff, however, was missing. On the other hand, peter missed from a promising position (29.).
In the 33. Minute started torjager endres an irresistible solo and finally put the ball through the sander defense to the free standing but. This love this chance no longer take and shot to the 0:1 into the long corner in. The answer of the home side was not long in coming, however. In the 36. In the 36th minute, matthias hoff took off from the edge of the penalty area, and his brilliant shot went in half-high to make it 1:1.

Important 2:1 before the break

in the 41. Minute put the FC sand after. After skilful preparation by bernd pankratz, tobias seifert had a free shot from the right side and scored from about 15 meters flat for the 2:1 lead. The already in the first half fast and varied game kept its high level also in the second half. The home team had perhaps a little more ball contacts, but kleinrinderfeld also showed his playful class, which led to some chances of the guest. In the 55. Minute had to FC-goalkeeper stefan klemm a schussschance of engert entscharfen. After further missed opportunities of the temporarily dominating gas, the FC sand pulled in the 60. Minute on 3:1 of it. An input from the left side by dominik waltrapp printed the fast-reacting fabian benkert from close range into the TSV goal.

A brilliant 22-meter shot

after this 3:1, the gaste put something back, so that the sander clearly controlled the game. In the 70. Minute then again a goal worth seeing for the FC sand. From a good 22 meters igor mikic took off and scored with his "shot like a stroke" to the 4:1 into the upper angle. In the 75. Minute put the strong playing FC sand the 5:1 after. After an interplay with markus krines passed igor mikic from the baseline to the inside, fabian benkert was faster than his opponent and kopfte a.

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