Father eye makes sanctuary complete

father eye makes sanctuary complete

A temporary soldier asked for strength before he had to go to afghanistan and a frisormeisterin thanked him for passing the exam. The 25,000 or so people who visit marienberg each year have different concerns. A 98-year-old woman is an integral part of the family.

The schonstatt family did not expect such a large number of visitors when they turned the military area with its dilapidated buildings and broken windows into a shrine 20 years ago. The father’s eye, designed by priest andreas hornung and carved by gottfried stark from drosendorf, is now sent on pilgrimage. When it comes back, the chapel will be fully equipped with it.

Martin emge reminded the 20 year anniversary of the foundation. Birthday of the schonstatt family on marienberg to the early years. While some people were in a doomsday mood, christians were in a mood of departure into the new millennium. And indeed: on the marienberg, things really got going now. "Today, a new power plant is coming online", emge recalled the words of the then archbishop karl braun, who inaugurated the sanctuary.

This was preceded by four exciting years, until everything was put on the line in the search for a schonstatt center. At first, hallstadt’s kreuzberg seemed to be a safe place for the schonstatt movement, since there was an old image of mary in the forest and a mary memorial stone at the fub of the kreuzberg, where various celebrations had already taken place. Then the former military land was offered to the movement. It wasn’t the rough terrain and run-down buildings that initially put members off, but how this small family was able to pull it off.

From doubts to a clear yes

"Let us not take ourselves for granted? An additional complication was the lack of access to public transportation. No bus up here! Everything was thought over for a long time, because a diocesan shrine is only built once", emge recalls the doubts of the time. But in july 1996, the schonstatt family signaled a takeover to the archdiocese of bamberg, a clear yes. On 16.October 1996 the solemn signing of the contract took place.

There was no sanctuary, only the house chapel. For the schonstatt family, the question arose as to whether they should dare to build a sanctuary, as all schonstatt centers have one. "The young generation was then fired with enthusiasm for this idea. Thanks to your impetus and the grace of the holy year 2000, on the 26th birthday of the. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in september 1999, and on 8. The foundation stone was laid in october 1999. I still remember the moving christmas party that we celebrated in the shell of the building", said emge.

An infinite number of building operations followed to make the center more beautiful. "But it wasn’t until the chapel was built that people started coming in ever-growing crowds. First there were hundreds, then there were thousands, and now there are tens of thousands", emge was pleased. The many believers and visitors testify to a great deal of grace from the "alternative energies" power plant, a growing pilgrimage movement and numerous educational events that want to pass on the good news and strengthen and deepen the faith. The lived faith now fills 25 archive boxes, the furbitt books were full after six months. From the house newspaper "horizont five bands could be tied in the meantime. A chronicle that reveals its very own history of salvation.

"Something is still missing from the chapel, which is part of the basic equipment of every chapel: the father’s eye. The franks know it better than the "eye of god", says diozesanprases emge, who wrote a novena for it and created a prayer card for it.

Hope for a new generation

Before the blessing of the father’s eye, both schonstatt priests, andreas hornung and martin emge, said a prayer from the novena. Ann-kathrin pongratz and sophia ramer accompanied the service musically and also held a lively review of 20 years of the sanctuary of unity in the reinischhaus. "We are counting on the new generation to lead this sanctuary into the future. The doors are wide open. When we walk in love with each other, we are unbeatably strong! Let us look courageously ahead", emge emphasized and thanked many people who have been living their connection to the letter for 20 years and who have been working to keep the power plant bubbling.

Background father’s eye the symbol shows in the center an artistically cut crystal, which is supposed to suggest the pupil of an eye. Underneath, two graphic elements from the logo of the bamberg schoenstatt movement are incorporated: a green arch symbolizing st. Mary’s mountain and a red coral stone pointing to a rose representing father franz reinisch. He is a special patron of marienberg. The lines in the space of the triangle point to the life worlds of the schonstatt family: to the family and church, to the world of education and work, as well as to society. Over all this rests god’s loving gaze. Marienberg the schonstatt marienberg center, which has been in existence since 1996, is an ecclesiastical education and meeting center with cultural and spiritual offerings. The chapel has developed into a popular place of pilgrimage to the virgin mary. With its panoramic view and its outstanding welcoming culture, this place has long since become a secret tip in the region.

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