Dispute gets completely out of hand

A heated argument between two men, aged 24 and 38, respectively, led to a fireworks display. 40 years it came on monday evening in an apartment in the further strabe in erlangen. The older one from nurnberg had announced his appearance in the dwelling of the younger one. The 24-year-old was obviously well prepared for the arrival of his opponent, writes the police in their press report, because glass bottles, a broken broomstick and several knives were already laid out ready to use against the man from nurnberg.

Three manners intervene

Immediately after entering the area, the two men started to hurt each other. The erlanger also used here the rightly. Thanks to the courageous intervention of three men present in the apartment, the confrontation did not escalate to a full scale. Among other things, they disarmed the 24-year-old main offender and detained the two men until the arrival of the police patrols. The opponents suffered minor injuries – medical treatment was not necessary. The reason for the dispute is not yet known, but excessive alcohol consumption is to be excluded. The iraqi compatriots are being investigated for a wide variety of bodily injury offenses.

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