Disaster warning app nina available for the district of forchheim and bamberg

disaster warning app nina available for the district of forchheim and bamberg

Christine feldbauer, managing director of the bamberg-forchheim emergency medical services and fire department alarm system, emphasized several times that citizens should download the NINA app onto their smartphones. After all, it’s about nothing less than their safety.

What NINA is supposed to do is already in the name itself: emergency information and messaging app. The function is quickly explained. The application is fed with information from the federal government’s modular warning system. The integrated control center of bamberg is responsible for the issued data.

Anyone who has downloaded the app onto their cell phone can specify one or more municipalities or even an entire county for which they want to be informed. In addition, the app determines the location where he is currently located.

If a so-called damaging event occurs in this area, a warning is sent to the cell phone. Depending on the warning level, the app rings three loud alarms. The app then provides a summary of the incident and a telephone number or internet address for further information, as well as specific instructions for action.

Quick and comprehensive information

"NINA can contribute to this", said bamberger mayor andreas starke at the launch of the app on thursday "that we can provide the population with information even faster and more comprehensively.". However, it is not intended to replace the existing communication channels, such as radio. The app is also important because not everywhere is it possible to warn the population via sirens.

Feldbauer emphasized the importance of this communication channel: "people who are fully informed can act prudently and support others." Furthermore, the contact data provided kept the communication channels for the rescue service and fire department, such as the emergency lines, clear.

Test run with burgers

The district administrator of forchheim, hermann ulm, was already able to report on his experiences. "We have successfully tested the system in the district of forchheim during the last disaster control operation. The feedback from the employees and those involved was very positive." Now it’s the burgers’ turn.

Today at 15.15 o’clock will be played a test warning message. Anyone who has downloaded the app free of charge from the respective app store – every operating system is supported – can then see for themselves how nina works. For the app to work, it must be started and set once after installation.

The app, which covers the entire federal republic, can be operated intuitively. The system is used to report weather warnings, floods or major fires, accidents involving hazardous goods transports, as well as terrorist attacks or rampages. The application can also be used to issue warnings, as well as warnings to reassure the population in case of uncertainty. In addition, users have the possibility to share warnings in the social networks, in order to spread them further.

The app can be used to announce the discovery of a bomb – as shown in the graphic for the example of colol. You can tell at a glance what kind of danger it is. Below there is a more detailed description. There follows a clear instruction for action and a reference to how one can obtain further information. A map shows the danger area.

By being able to receive alerts from multiple locations, users also have the option of being informed about the situation in the homes of relatives or friends.

The next nationwide test alarm will take place on 11. April at 11 a.M.

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