Demo for the forest of the soul: galuska intends to buy

There is a silence, a restless silence over the "forest for the soul" and this despite the fact that about 50 people are demonstrating here against an already almost completed constructional action on the part of the town. What had happened? It was only in april of this year that the part of the klaus forest leased by the city, the "forest for the soul", was opened handed over to its destiny. The authorized user of the 14.5 hectares of coarse woodland between ilgenwiese and ludwigsturm is the foundation for consciousness sciences, whose founder is joachim galuska from the heiligenfeld clinics.

Soon there was trouble because of two high seats erected by the city, because the foundation wanted, if possible, no hunting on the forest land it leased, which were provided with installations by some local artists. The foundation itself has not only built a rainproof entrance portal, but has also marked out a circular path and filled it with bark mulch, or. Pebbles made gangly. This project has already cost around 150,000 euros. Part of it was financed by the LEADER project, but the bigger part was financed by donations.

But as soon as the forest was passable for the soul, the city was on "their" side, explains the ice cream maker, the city’s traffic safety obligation was pointed out, which resulted in the marking and later felling of 48 mature trees. "One is too late, partly also wrong" had been informed by the city and city forester axel maunz, said joachim galuska in front of the protesters and the media representatives of the bavarian broadcasting company, who had also found their way to the klaus forest.

Thea kessler, bernhard gobmann-schmitt, katharina hubl and uta galuska, the four artists who had been involved in the project, were horrified that their artistic work had been destroyed in such a way, for indeed deep ruts run right through the forest of souls. They cut the paths created by the foundation several times and not only leave their tracks in the loose forest soil, but also love the coarse part, but especially the leafy crowns back in the forest. Only the value timber was taken, some participants of the protest rally note, and joachim galuska doubts that the 48 announced logging trees were all that was taken.

Just so that this heavy machine could get into the forest and move, at least as many young trees had to die because they were in the way, or the giant trees fell on them – and all this two months after the opening at a time in july when, according to the law, every private citizen is not allowed to cut back any tree or shrub in his garden any more. "This decrease was completely unnecessary and excessive, because there is no law that there is a traffic safety obligation in the forest", dear joachim galuska knowledge. In the forest, traffic safety measures are basically unnecessary, because everyone knows that a branch can break off, said dr. Galuska, who spoke of a brutal encroachment and clear-cutting on the part of the city. Participants pointed out that a number of trees that line the road and whose branches are high above the tarred road to the ludwig tower are bare, i.E. Dead – these branches or branches of the trees are not in good condition. Trees have not been removed, but only the good value wood.

Galuska has purchase intentions

During a tour all participants were totally shocked that there had been a lack of language, i.E. Information on the part of the city and that despite protests with rough use of machinery in the forest had come to fall actions. As an alternative for the estimated 100 trees "that had to give their lives" the responsible persons planted a good dozen of native deciduous trees and as a surprise loved dr. Galuska knows: "I am ready to buy this 14.5 hectares of rough forest land from the city, so that something like this does not happen again, so that 4000 years of tree life are not destroyed within a few days". The city, however, loves to explain in advance through its spokesman thomas hack that a routine traffic safety twice a year, because "the more people are on the road there, the greater the potential for danger".

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