Challenges – that’s your area of expertise

Challenges - that's your area of expertise

2013 is no year like any other for burgwindheim. 2013 is the year of the 950th anniversary of the granting of the market rights to the forest town of 800 souls. A jubilee year, in other words. And thus also for christine rottmund no year like the usual ones, although already the past one with the participation of the market municipality of burgwindheim in the bamberger state horticultural show was one with increased workload for her. 2013 is going to top this for the administrator. As a native of burgwindheim, christine rottmund is predestined for the special tasks that lie ahead. With it run in things jubilaumsvorbereitung the threads together. She is the anniversary representative. Therefore, it was also her duty to inform the market town council about the current state of affairs.

New year’s reception

the anniversary year was launched in january with the new year’s reception of the catholic church. A further high point is now the historical market with market weekend in july (13./14.) its.
The historic market is already taking shape, as christine rottmund’s remarks at the meeting chaired by first mayor heinrich thaler showed. Accordingly, seven different groups have already registered, which will then also make presentations. For example, shearing sheep, building bows and pushing bows. A marchener payer also signed up. To date 16 booths will decorate the historical market, booths with old professions like buttner, broom maker, potter.

But local companies will also be involved. Rottmund cited the stettler company, the muck nursery, the savings bank and the raiffeisenbank burgwindheim as the best examples. A separate stand is planned for children. She is in negotiation with further participants dear christine rottmund know, so that one can count on an extensive offer. The nightly fire show is to be a real jubilee experience. The historical market will take place along the hauptstrabe, and will include the adjacent farms. With themes such as "open farm day" or "open carpentry day.

Clubs in change

christine rottmund explains that she would also like the clubs to participate in the market weekend. She would like to involve them in the market events, for example under the motto "associations in the change of the times. She expressed her joy about the commitments already made by motor sport friends, singing club, fire department and TSV burgwindheim. In the coming weeks, there will be further discussions in connection with the festive weekend. Because with the present commitments such a market cannot be converted yet "there I need already still a little more".


parallel to the market hustle and bustle there should be camp hustle and bustle in the meadow ground. Christine rottmund has already won over six groups, each with "one to three tents". Man spurt, the burgwindheim woman brings elan and enthusiasm to this special mission. Why does she do this extra work, where the boundaries between work and leisure time have become increasingly blurred in recent months?? "Someone has to do it", she says about her spontaneous appointment by the mayor as anniversary commissioner. And: "these are challenges, and: such things are also fun for me." She is referring to contact with new groups and areas. Because, in fact, "order, tax, cemetery" is a challenge her area of expertise and, of course, "the whole social". The jubilee will then match this.

The mayor wanted to inform the market town council about how it is being prepared, "because the people don’t see it, but they talk about it" explains rottmund. She must have felt the same way, she says.

In a short time, something will also happen visually: banners at the entrances to the towns will refer to the jubilee year. "They are just work", woman the anniversary commissioner. One of their tasks will be the creation of the flyer for the market weekend, the lecture by the local historian gunter dippold, scheduled for november, they will then ask for a different way to end the anniversary year with the christmas market of the catholic parish. Chamber president konrad gotz puts about 20,000 euros in the budget for everything that is necessary for the jubilee year. Which also differs from those of other years with this expenditure item.

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