Beauty award will not be given

beauty award will not be given

On sunday (3 p.M.), the infranken-kick will be in weilersbach, where the gloria expects the spvgg from durrbrunn-unterleinleiter in the basement duel of the district class 2. Presumably, the spectators can expect a fight for survival fought with all means until the end, because both series are winless for six matchdays and need every payer, in order not to be nailed prematurely at the back. That's why this stylized six-point game will not be about the beauty prize. In the end only the bare result pays.

District 2

SV gloria weilersbach (13.) – spvgg durrbrunn (15.)
the similarities between the two rivals are quickly told. Both are conceding almost twice as many goals as they are scoring and have won only one of their eleven games so far – in the fifth game in each case. Before and after that, however, the supporters of both camps have hardly been spoiled with a sense of achievement. Although the gloria at least got four draws and is therefore one point better than "lada", but the last four games went without a point with 3:12 goals in the pants. The guests lost in comparison only the last three games, for that similar sparingly summed up with 3:10 goals. Nevertheless, both coaches go into this match with hopes, even if in both teams after a broad chest or the so-called "portion self-confidence" will have to be looked for – at least initially.

Simon dimter succeeded michael rodl as head coach of the SV and has been in office for just under a year as a playing coach – his first station as a full-time coach. The 30-year-old midfield strategist, a weilersbach native, kicked in the BOL in hirschaid and in buckenhofen (with the SV he was promoted to the landesliga in 2011) after his early years with the gloria, before he was recalled to his hometown club via weingarts. He had hoped for calmer waters this season after the mixed results of the previous year: "it's no use complaining about injured players, others have them too. But with markus trautner, jens erlwein and dominik seidel, three players have torn cruciate ligaments this year. Guiliano moscati has been ill since the end of august, philipp langmar is suffering from an ankle problem and has not yet been able to play in any matches."

In between, ailing cornerstones like dominic amon and co-trainer sebastian vollmeier took breaks. Due to personnel changes, it became necessary to change the line-up: "our regular squad could certainly keep up, but we had to reorganize too often. Nevertheless, we have given away too many points due to our own mistakes, such as against schlaifhausen or hetzles, and we have called up our potential too seldom. It is certainly not due to morale, we have often come back after setbacks, but then we have not been rewarded."

The high-class experienced "six is clear that his team can only get back on track through a sense of achievement. In his opinion, all teams, apart from the leading quartet, can be beaten. "We will show on sunday that we have the quality for the district league and get the three-peat", says dimter.

Durrbrunn does not reward itself

The same plan has michael taschner, in his fourth season in "lada", in mind. Not only through his profession as a teacher, but also through his sporting career with spvgg bayreuth – or with ASV hollfeld, when he succeeded in breaking through in the state league – the 38-year-old knows how important the psyche is in such situations and tries to counteract this with didactics: "football is always connected with a learning process. All in all, we can't be dissatisfied, we have often more than held our own and have stood up to almost everyone so far. But if there's nothing payable left at the end, it doesn't help you."

With this taschner alludes to the extremely tight results. Only a 0:4 against baiersdorf II stands out ("co-favorites have lost more"), but in addition to one win and three draws, there are only three 2:3s, two 1:3s and a 2:4. For the experienced player-coach, who recently took a few games off due to injury, it is the next step for his team in the right direction: "sometimes it is the little things of individuals that ultimately cost the collective a sense of achievement. In the 0:0 opening match in ebermannstadt, we saw what a highly concentrated effort over a full 90 minutes can lead to. Unfortunately, we have been too naive and childish in our mistakes in other parts of the competition."

Taschner also believes it is very important to teach his players the spirit of the game and to give them a sense of achievement in this way: "if you do something with joy and fight for your team mates with conviction, the sporting success of the collective will also come about." 

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