Wilhelmsthal heads upwards

The first five days of play in district 4 prove that almost anyone can beat anyone else. Between the league leaders, the newly founded SG gundelsdorf/reitsch, and the tenth-placed FC wacker haig, there are just four players. No team has won more than three games in five matches. A used weekend experienced above all kreisliga-aufsteiger FC wallenfels with only one point in two games. SV steinwiesen – FC mitwitz II 3:0 (1:0)

Both teams had to start with few substitutes. It was a close affair, which was mainly due to the guests, who pushed the ball mainly in their own half back and forth and so wanted to lure the SV. This shied away from the rough risk at first. In the middle of the first half, the guests made a few mistakes in the build-up play, and steinwiesen took advantage of one of them. Lucas hollendonner intercepted a pass, hoderlein scored the lead.

In the second half, steinwiesen remained patient and scored the decisive 2:0 after an hour after a courageous solo run by sven simon. After that, the SV managed the result against harmless guests and came five minutes before the end through a beautiful combination of uncle and nephew hollendonner to the deserved 3-0 final score.Rh goals: 1:0 hoderlein, 2:0 simon, 3:0 hollendonner / ref: rodel (hof) FC burggrub – FC U.-/oberrodach 1:5 (0:1)

Already in the 9. In the first minute of the game, the guests took the lead with an attack from the right side by tobias dubiel. The first chance for the home team was recorded by fabian kotschenreuther, who shot the ball over the goal. Two further opportunities of the guest could ward off keeper sunkel to the corner.

In the second half had burggrub from the abstob away a good chance by kalb, the hammer in last emergency could clear. In the 49. Minute raised the guests by christopher gampert on 0:2. Five minutes later, the gruber goalkeeper had to take action again. The hosts could not consistently clear a corner ball, kevin mattes scores the 0:3. After the hosts could not use good chances, the guests increased after 71 minutes by kevin mattes on 4:0. Five minutes later it was florian erhardt, who scored the 5:0. A dangerous free kick by the home player kotschenreuther banged after 78 minutes. Minutes to the post. After all, the gruber remained the honorary goal by fabian easy, who scored after a corner. Ck goals: 0:1 dubiel (7.), 0:2 gampert (49.), 0:3 mattes (54.), 0:4 mattes (71.), 0:5 erhardt (76.), 1:5 easy (83.) / ref: meyer (kirchleus) FC hirschfeld – SG nordhalben 0:1 (0:1)

Both teams still had the friday game in the legs, so the action was mostly played in midfield. Hirschfeld had a slight advantage in the field, but nordhalben was fighting and did not allow hirschfeld to develop. For the home team, kobal missed a good opportunity to shoot in and T. Muller put a ball on the crossbar.

After the change of ends nordhalben scored 1:0 with a counterattack. After that, the gas in the defense set up well, so that for the home side was no coming through. The few good chances of the FCH were saved by the guest keeper daniel centner. Thus, the promoted the FCH inflicted the first defeat of the season.Mgr goals: / ref: kaiser (neuensorg) TSV wilhelmsthal – SC steinbach/W. 4:2 (1:1)

At the beginning both teams neutralized each other, the guest from steinbach and the home team were eager to keep the ball in their ranks. After about ten minutes wilhelmsthal put aside the restrained game – with success. After 22 minutes daniel wunsch succeeded after a great performance the 1:0. Ten minutes later christian loffler had the 2:0 on the rag, but he pushed the ball with the left past the far corner. From steinbach was until then offensively nothing to see. But shortly before halftime they scored the not deserved 1:1, when goalkeeper kevin froba pushed a long ball forward, the TSV defense was too uncontrolled and player-coach christian brandt lifted the ball over the powerless TSV goalkeeper manuel neder.

Immediately after the restart, home player johannes fiedler won the ball in midfield, ran alone toward the visiting goalkeeper and slid the ball into the visiting net. After 66 minutes, header monster muller michael increased to 3:1. Spatestens after 70 minutes, the game was decided – andre welsch dusted off to 4:1. Steinbach was offensively hardly dangerous – except for one exception. Brandt was released in the penalty area and lieb neder no chance.Red goals: 1:0 wunsch (22.), 1:1 brandt (35.), 2:1 fiedler (46.), 3:1 M. Muller (66.), 4:1 welsch (72.), 4:2 brandt (86.) / SR: hahn (lindau)

FC wallenfels – rothenkirchen/pr. 1:1 (0:0)

The FC wallenfels came after a poor performance not beyond a meager draw and must ultimately be happy to have rescued a point at all. Only in the first quarter of an hour, the hosts played forward and came to some opportunities, which remained unused. The guests, who could rely on a stable back team, became stronger and made the event balanced.

After the change of ends, the weak phase of the FCW continued, the SG took the lead after a fast counterattack. Only now the wallenfelser increased, even if further sand was in the gear. Kohlmann converted in the 83. Minute a penalty to 1:1 final score. A result that corresponded to what happened on the pitch. Red goals: 0:1 fiedler(62.), 1:1 kohlmann(83., foulefmeter) / SR: jahreis (marktgraitz) TSV windheim – TSV tettau 5:2 (2:1)

The TSV windheim was after a festival of missed scoring chances on friday striving to make amends. But the home fans were in for a nasty surprise when the home side again missed a number of high-caliber opportunities after just a few minutes. Old master marco grobmann was to break the spell and to bring his colors with a magnificent shot into the angle in the lead. After a good half hour benni rebhan raised to 2:0. TSV tettau shortened shortly before the break, when tuncer demir was able to head in after a precise cross completely unchallenged.

In the second half, alexander kunst immediately energetically pursued and passed exactly to marco grobmann, who pushed the ball into the net for 3:1. With an unstoppable free kick into the goal triangle, fritz knabner brought the never-say-die tettau team back to within a point. The extremely playful pohl eliminated with his two goals all doubts about the highly deserved home victory. Oc goals: 1:0 grobmann (25.), 2:0 rebhan (32.), 2:1 demir (44.), 3:1 grobmann (47.), 3:2 knabner (51.), 4:2 pohl (58.), 5:2 pohl (80.) / ref: muller (sonnefeld)

Gundelsdorf/reitsch – kleintettau/buchb. 7:0 (2:0)

In high temperatures, both opponents began with a restrained style of play, so that the action took place more in the midfield. The home side had the event but firmly in hand. But the leading goal came in the second minute of stoppage time in half 1. The second goal was also scored before the break.

At the beginning of the second period, the guests from kleintettau decimated themselves with an unnecessary yellow-red card. From this point on, the goals for the SG gundelsdorf /reitsch fell at regular intervals to the deserved 7:0 final score. Goals: 1:0 trukenbrod (45.), 2:0 drews (45.), 3:0 drews (3:0), 4:0 drews (60.), 5:0 fortsch (75.), 6:0 detsch (82.), 7:0 soft (89.) / SR: strauch (dietersdorf) SV gifting – FC wacker haig 2:3 (2:1)

The game started optimally for the home team, because florian schuberth put them already in the second minute with 1:0 in the lead, by converting a free kick directly. After that thomas gareis could have increased to 2:0, but he missed alone in front of the guest goalkeeper. This was to pay off, because a little later the guests equalized after a free kick from half field by bastian bar (9.). Funf minutes before the half-time break, the eleven of player-coach andre scholz went again in the lead. Johannes zwosta was successful with a header after a free kick from schuberth. After the restart, the giftinger tried with the substitution of zipfel for fresh wind provide, but he injured himself a little later seriously. This uncertainty of the home team exploited the guests, when julian kestel scored from an offside suspicious position to 2:2 and the ball supposedly still touched with his hand. The same player scored in the 79th minute. Minute an input of alexander gunther to the 2:3 final score. Red goals: 1:0 schuberth (2.), 1:1 bar (8.), 2:1 zwosta (39.), 2:2 kestel (53.), 2:3 kestel (78.) / SR: neubauer (gerach)

Friday games

SG kleintettau/buchbach – FC burggrub 3:2 (2:2)

Buchbach started furiously and was already leading 2:0 after six minutes with goals from loffler and selcuk. Burggrub was not shocked and came shortly thereafter to the 1:2 final goal. In the middle of the first half buchbach was able to gain a playful upper hand. Shortly before the break, the guests managed to equalize through a nice solo run. After halftime the game flattened. Chances were scarce on both sides. In the 75. In the 39th minute, the home team scored the somewhat fortunate lead, which was defended until the end. Jf goals: 1:0 loffler (2.), 2:0 akbas (7.), 2:1 ludwig (11.), 2:2 long (39.), 3:2 loffler (73.) / ref: dinkel (heilgersdorf) TSV tettau – SV gifting 0:2 (0:1)

In the middle of the first half, the giftinger two very good scoring chances, but could not exploit them. Shortly before halftime it was then so far, as a long ball was played to zwosta and this in a nice individual action equal to several tettauer love to stand and the ball to the not undeserved lead pushed in. In the second half, the tettau tried to hold out and get a point. However, no compelling goal chance against well standing opponents could be played. After a defensive mistake of the home team neder scored the 0:2. Se goals: 0:1 zwosta (45.), 0:2 neder (73.) / SR: mausbacher (furth am berg) SG rothenkirchen/pressig – FC mitwitz II 1:1 (1:0)

The home team, which was very short of substitutes, sold itself better than expected in the first half. Not undeservedly, the SG went into the half-time break with a 1:0 lead against the strong, but in attack much too harmless guests. After the change mitwitz pressed with all their might for the equalizer, but the home team defended consistently. The few shots on goal parried the prudent torhuter hammerschmidt used to safe. Nevertheless, the guest came in the last minute after an unclear scene in the penalty area by an own goal of the home team to the flattering equalizer.Mm goals: 1:0 daum (13.), 1:1 schumann (own goal) / SR: scheumann (isling)

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