Visual artists exhibit in munnerstadt

Visual artists exhibit in munnerstadt

"Dream-seed – plastic poetry" the seven exhibiting master stone and wood sculptors call their sculptures in the trevpunkt gallery of the evangelical community center. They are all members of the gestaltungskreis bavaria, a sculptors’ initiative that originally set itself the goal of creating better grave memorials.

Trumpet trio in action

the vernissage was opened by the trumpet trio with pastor joachim pennig, felix katzenberger and harry koch, who together with gisela neugebauer (piano), the gospel choir of the auferstehungs-gemeinde and joachim pennig framed the celebration musically. Pennig called out a hearty "grub gott" to his guests and gave a warm welcome to the exhibiting sculptors.

"Away from the contentless industrially produced and copied tombstones" they wanted to begin, said the senior of the design circle of bavaria, rainer kuhn from wernfeld/gemunden, who has been a member of the design circle since 1974. 60 percent of all grave markers today came from china. This is a sign of the times, when 75 percent of the deceased were incinerated and many people were disposed of in so-called "peace forests" in an unacceptable manner, said kuhn.

It’s time to think about how the design group can continue to develop in order to remain alive after the generation change, he emphasized. Joachim pennig reminded his guests that all sculptors dream of what "seed" is in the form of an imaginary sculpture in the natural stone or a piece of wood slumbers. The dream becomes a blessing. This can be seen in many places in the acts of the apostles as well as in the bible.

The trevpunkt gallery is the right place in munnerstadt for such art. He asked for the understanding of all other exhibitors who did not get a chance to speak. He is sure that in appreciation of the art and its quality it will meet with the professional approval of everyone. These delicate works of art did not tolerate baroque and classicism around them. A hall flooded with light is the right place for a spiritual journey of discovery through the world of artworks, said pennig.

Dreams play an important role in religion, the theologian said. "The faith lives from the dream, the dream from the faith." For example, the dream of abraham becomes a blessing. Joseph, the father of jesus, also dreamed. And prophets and many other dreamed, that can be read in the bible. In this sense, he said, was the gaze of michelangelo, who had already seen in a stone the angel that in his imagination was to emerge from it "the dream that the artists also had for the creation of these works here in the exhibition. For as in a seed, dreams slumber in all things that want to become reality," he said, said pennig.

Mayor helmut blank also has dreams. He already foresees another sculpture symposium and an extended sculpture path. Furthermore, he dreamed of a munnerstadt, which, as landrat thomas bold once saw it before him, is the secret cultural capital of the county. The head of the town hall thanked the evangelical community and the creative group for this presentation and said that he hoped for more such art events.

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