Two drug addicts get caught

Two drug-related offences were discovered during police checks in habfurt. Once in unterschleichach and once at konigsberg. In the strabe "in the aurach" in unterschleichach a patrol of the habfurt police noticed a cyclist in the night to tuesday, on whose two-wheeler no lighting was attached. During the subsequent traffic control, it was also discovered that the braking device on the bicycle was also missing. Since the 20-year-old stated that he did not have any identification documents, he was searched. In the course of this, a small pressure-sealed bag containing a unit of marijuana was found in his pocket. The young man had to push the bicycle home after securing the deprivation device. A report now follows. The second case: because a 26-year-old courier driver was found to be drugged during a general traffic check on the main road near konigsberg on monday afternoon and a voluntary urine test on the spot was positive, a blood sample was taken at habfurt hospital. The further journey was prevented. Now the man is facing charges.

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