Speed bumps on the road slow down speeders

Speed bumps on the road slow down speeders

The record is 97 kilometers per hour: this is the speed recorded by the municipality's own measuring system for a car driver who was speeding through the narrow through road of the adelsdorf district of lauf at night – at the permitted speed of 30 km/h. But because speeding is not limited to the nighttime in lauf, the municipality has now pulled the emergency brake.

"And it works", hochstadts police chief jurgen schmeiber is convinced. At the request of the lauf village community around its ruhr chairman daniel hoepffner, burgermeister karsten fischkal () has had three plastic speed bumps installed on the local thoroughfare.

A good solution against speeders

at the two entrances to the village and in the middle of the village, construction yard workers have placed the six-centimeter-high plastic parts on the road, each three meters wide and just under one and a half meters long. "The parts are approved and on the municipal road we can do it", says the mayor.
Fischkal immediately agreed to the proposal of the laufer village community because it is the cheapest solution to slow down traffic. 1500 euros costs such a plate. One financed by the village community, two contributed by the municipality of adelsdorf.

But these plastic parts don't have to slow down traffic in lauf for eternity. "We are going a new way and want to try it out", says the mayor. If the sleepers, which are widespread throughout europe, prove to be impractical in lauf, they can be removed again immediately. Fischkal speaks of a test phase. Whether this was successful will then be up to the residents to decide.

Other solutions, such as narrowing the road with various materials, were also considered, but the decision was made in favor of the sleepers. The first experiences are positive, reports the chairman of the village community hoepffner: the first night with the sleepers on the strabe was much quieter.

Test run with signs

most of the drivers who now drive through lauf slow down considerably before the thresholds. Signs make them at least for the next half year still on the "danger" attention. "That's how long we have to point it out", fischkal has made himself smart.

If the thresholds do not meet with any resistance in lauf, they will probably spread rapidly in the local area of adelsdorf. Ottmar hobner (), a local councillor for aisch, has already taken a look in lauf and would have liked to see such parts at the entrance to the town from aisch in the direction of medbach. Mayor fischkal can also imagine the plastic sleepers in neuhaus.

Because the municipality cannot afford more expensive speed reduction measures, they are now testing the most favorable variant, says the mayor.

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