Rough caution is advised in the forest

Rough caution is advised in the forest

And thus the helpers before a heavy task to place. Because forest fires are among the most difficult challenges that fire departments have to master. Impassable terrain and a difficult water supply in many places make operations tricky.

Durr like tinder

district fire chief stefan hartlein therefore currently calls for special caution. "And it's not just for the forest. A cigarette butt flicked out of the car window can be just as dangerous", says the expert and points out that many strabenrander are now durr like tinder.
"From 1. March to 31. October smoking is generally prohibited in the forest", adds michael schneider, head of the stadtsteinach branch of the kulmbach office for agriculture and forestry. Since tuesday, his colleague christof maar has been on the move again as an aerial observer with the airplane over the forests of upper franconia. Schneider also asks forestry workers to completely refrain from burning the so-called logging residue, which is strictly regulated by special conditions.

Catalytic converter as a source of danger

which buries kreisbrandrat stefan hartlein certainly. From many years of experience, however, the expert also knows that it is not only open fires that pose a danger. Even a discarded bottle can very well start a fire due to the combustible gas effect. Or a car parked in tall grass and the heat from the catalytic converter starts a fire.

Immediately call 112

and what should you do if you discover a fire in the forest as a walker?? "If it's a small fire, you should definitely try to put it out.", hartlein says, but warns against self-exaggeration. "It must be possible to exclude the possibility of danger to oneself."
In any case, 112 should be called immediately, explains the district fire chief.

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