Pommersfelden residential areas are popular

Pommersfelden is an attractive residential community. This is expressed by the continuing building activity in the new residential quarters. According to the report at the budget meeting, the municipality has set itself the goal of achieving moderate growth. The settlement of young families is intended to "counteract demographically induced disadvantageous developments".

In the three main districts – steppach, sambach, pommersfelden – as well as in limbach, which has a population of 270, the municipality is providing new building land. It is not possible to meet the demand by activating vacant buildings or building vacancies, as these are not available for sale.

The development of the new limbach building area "hohlleite II" has just been completed. The site is ready for construction, said mayor gerd dallner at the meeting. Whereby the eleven building plots designated in limbach are already allocated or at least reserved, according to dallner.

In the most recently designated new building areas in sambach and steppach, there are also no more vacant building plots available. Therefore the municipality has set the course for further building land still in the past year. The building areas hofleite in sambach and steppach north are to be expanded. The purchase of land for the two new construction areas is planned in the municipal budget for this and next year at a good one million euros. The development is usually carried out via an access road, so that the costs do not burden the budget of the municipality.

At the meeting, the bamberg planning group strunz was commissioned to draw up development plans for steppach nord III and sambacher hofleite II. The development plans for the two planning areas, each comprising around 24,000 square meters, can be processed in a simplified procedure, as the decision to do so was taken before the end of 2019.

Approximately at the same time as the already completed limbacher "hohlleite" the second section of the kuhtrieb development area in pommersfelden should be finished. However, this had been delayed due to the numerous concerns and objections, explained mayor dallner. He expects strong demand for the new construction area. Therefore, a demand survey is now being launched. Of a total of 37 building plots designated in the development plan, 25 are available to the municipality. The rest had been retained by the previous owners. The mayor expects that kuhtrieb II will be ready for construction by fall 2021 .

According to this, the invitations to tender for cow drive II are to be issued. Take place. During the meeting, engineer georg schreiber from hochstadter planungsburo maier presented the urban land use planning once again. An essential point was the larmschutzwand, which becomes necessary to the existing joinery lohr. Depending on the design, it is estimated to cost between 100,000 and 150,000 euros. 90 meters long the wall is to stand for "irritations the community is now conducting a needs assessment to determine whether there are any potential negative effects on the area from the carpenter’s workshop. With a total length of ninety meters, 30 meters must be executed with a height of 3.50 meters and 60 meters with a height of 4.50 meters.

During the meeting, there was a detailed discussion about the design of the noise barrier. "In no case should a kind of death strip be created", stressed the mayor. Even a concrete wall was not an option for him. It was agreed that the base up to a height of about one and a half meters would be laid out as a grassed berm.

Two gabion blocks are to be placed on it, so that a height of 3.50 meters is reached. In order to achieve the required height of 4.50 meters over sixty meters, elements made of plexiglass panes are to be placed on top of the gabions.

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