Poisoned kremlin critic:nawalny can leave bed

poisoned kremlin critic:nawalny can leave bed

The poisoned russian kremlin critic alexej nawalny no longer has to be ventilated and can leave his hospital bed temporarily. His health has continued to improve and he is increasingly mobilized, berlin’s charite hospital announced on monday.

No further details on nawalny’s health were released monday. For the first time since his treatment in berlin, however, the clinic also agreed with him on what information would be released to the media. Previously, the charite had only ever been able to make this clear with nawalny’s wife.

As the cause of nawalny’s poisoning, two other special laboratories in france and sweden also found a nerve agent from the nowichok group, as the federal government announced on monday. Earlier, a federal laboratory had already identified this. France’s head of state emmanuel macron called for a swift clarification of the circumstances and responsibilities.

Macron spoke of an "assassination attempt", as reported by the elysee palace in paris on monday after a telephone conversation between macron and russian president vladimir putin. Putin emphasized that the "unfounded accusations based on nothing" against russia were inappropriate, the kremlin said.

He is in solidarity with germany in this case, declared macron, who had so far kept a low profile in the affair. France shares the conclusions of several european partners – also based on its own analyses – that the nerve agent nowitschok was the cause of the attack. Russia must now provide clarity in the context of a credible and transparent investigation, macron demanded.

Government spokesman steffen seibert said of the new findings: "we renew the call for russia to explain itself about the events."The german government is "in close exchange with its european partners on further steps".

Cooperation with the european countries is possible, it said from moscow. For a clarification of the case, however, an exchange of information and samples and the cooperation of germany with russian doctors was necessary.

Germany has now also called in the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), according to the federal government. Accordingly, their experts also took samples from nawalny, which are now to be examined by reference laboratories.

The 44-year-old has been under arrest since 22. August treated in berlin. He is considered one of the sharpest critics of kremlin leader vladimir putin. Nawalny was on 20. August collapsed on a flight in russia and was taken to a clinic in siberia. Later he was transferred to the charite at the urging of his family.

The case of nawalny also overshadowed the regional elections in russia over the weekend: the opposition had to manage without its most important leader, but still achieved successes. In the city of tomsk, where nawalny was last seen, two of his associates were elected to the city council, according to preliminary reports by the interfax agency. The kremlin party lost its majority there. In novosibirsk, sergei boiko of nawalny’s team was elected to the city parliament. But despite the successes in individual cities, the kremlin party "united russia" continues to hold all the important posts.

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