Kretschmer new minister president of saxony

Kretschmer new minister president of saxony

CDU politician michael kretschmer is the new minister president of saxony. In his election to the state parliament, the 42-year-old received 69 out of a possible 122 votes.

Since the black-red coalition has 77 seats in parliament, at least eight members of the coalition did not vote for the new head of government . There had also been deviations in the election of kretschmer’s predecessor stanislaw tillich (CDU).

Tillich took responsibility after the disastrous results of the saxon union in the federal elections and announced his resignation for december in mid october. Kretschmer was previously secretary general of the saxon union and was elected CDU state chairman last saturday. He lost his direct mandate to an afd politician in the federal election.

Tillich was acknowledged by parliamentary president matthias robler at the beginning of the state parliament session. Tillich has guided the fate of the free state for more than nine years with a lot of expertise and a big heart for the saxon homeland.

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