Hacksler is on fire in willanzheim

The 19-year-old driver was initially chopping grass in a field near willanzheim. When the machine began to smoke due to a technical defect, he immediately stopped his work and drove to the muhlgasse in willanzheim, the police reported. There, the machine ignited and burned out completely.

The volunteer fire departments from willanzheim, iphofen and mainbernheim were alerted to fight the fire. Thick, black clouds of smoke could already be seen on the approach, pointing the way to the scene, according to the iphof fire department in its incident report. Under heavy breathing protection, the burning vehicle was extinguished with foam. Spilled fuel was removed with oil binding agent. In addition, the emergency services checked the surrounding buildings with the warm-image camera. No unusual or dangerous warment development could be detected.

Since the chipper had still moved from the field to the farm site, a fire truck put out the small flat fire that was burning in the field.

Nobody was injured in the fire.

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