Designation of the new construction area “am kreuzberg” criticized

Designation of the new construction area 'am kreuzberg' criticized

The planned building area "am kreuzberg was not on the agenda of the nordheim town council meeting, but the citizens present at the meeting nevertheless took the opportunity to criticize the plans to designate this building area. Local councillors and mayor guido braun face reproaches for lack of transparency. There was even talk of mousing.

"We need the construction area for sure", held burgermeister brown against. The members of the municipal council had already passed a resolution on the project and commissioned the preliminary planning. As a reason, braun stated that there had been 18 inquiries from building applicants in the past years, half of which had been local residents. "We don’t want our young people to leave", said guido braun. Even though the council’s decision was close, with seven votes to six, the municipality will go through with the project. Braun expressed his lack of understanding that those who today massively criticized are exactly those who benefited from the last construction area.

No fireworks during the year

From 2020, no fireworks with category II pyrotechnic products will be allowed in nordheim for a period of 2 years. January to 30. December more be allowed. According to mayor braun, the reason for the restriction is the frequency of fireworks during the year. Against such fireworks there were safety concerns for reasons of fire protection, because of the concerns of nature conservation and also because of the fine dust pollution. Since the aubenbereich is mainly subject to the vineyard use, the burning of the fireworks is in conflict with the management of the vineyards. The municipality had also observed an increase in pollution of the burning areas. The administration is therefore instructed not to issue any more special permits.

Some time ago, the municipal council decided to purchase a speed measuring device. Among four bidders, the building yard staff opted for the offer of the company traffic controlling from leverkusen, because of the ease of handling. The council, however, decided to purchase a device from the company sierzega at a price of 2670 euros.

There were three comments made by the audit committee during the local audit of the accounts. Mayor guido braun explained the details to his council colleagues. The council approved the annual accounts for 2018 with a total of 2,942,916 euros. The council gave discharge to the administration and the mayor for the budget year.

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