Councillor sees hope for the refurbishment of the open-air baths

In the matter of the problem child of the city of volkach, the open-air swimming pool in need of renovation, a solution is surprisingly on the horizon. The federal ministry of the interior, building and home affairs had set up a new program at short notice to call for community facilities in the areas of sports, youth and culture. In the budget years 2019 to 2022, reported mayor peter kornell in the city council meeting on monday evening, 100 million euros are available nationwide. For the renovation of the open-air swimming pool, kornell put the figure at just under six million euros. The study published on the internet had shown 5.5 million euros, "but this study is also a bit old, so the prices may have increased".

The hook in this challenge program is the time factor. The ministry of the interior had announced the program on 1. Launched in august, the project will run until 24. August had indicated the need and until 31. August must be applied for online. "But the municipalities can do this until 20. We’ll have to do it in september," said kornell.

In euro terms, the federal subsidy amounts to 45 percent, or 90 percent in the event of a budgetary emergency confirmed by the municipal supervisory authority, up to a maximum of four million euros. Kornell put the need for volkach at 66 percent (3.95 million euros). The remaining two million euros "we can represent without putting a rotten egg in the nest of our successors in the council". And: the money would only flow if the city could credibly assure that the money would only be used for the renovation of the open-air swimming pool. "Once the money has been applied for, we have to renovate and also raise the two million euros. If we eat into this sausage, we have to eat it whole."This will succeed, even if the city is not exactly on a bed of roses financially.

Now every outdoor and indoor swimming pool in the country is a subsidized operation for every municipality. In order to reduce the deficit, jochen flammersberger suggested moving the school swimming pool to the open-air pool. With this proposal he met with strong resistance from the mayor. "That’s unrealistic because it can’t be planned," he. In the summer, weather conditions might permit swimming in june and july, but otherwise kornell saw no chance of a school swim in the open-air pool. Besides, there was no demand means for it, kornell disarmed his council colleague.

Talking about the deficit, the mayor answered a question from ulrich hofmann: it would increase from the current five euros per visitor per year to an estimated seven euros if the city had to spend the two million euros. The crux of the entire demand is the demand amount, kornell calculated. 100 million euros divided among 16 federal states, leaving 6.25 million euros for all of bavaria, "and volkach alone wants four million of that," the mayor said. If the grant does not work out, kornell would also be willing to renovate the pool on his own if the city council agrees. "But i want a full majority for that, an 11:10 is too close for me, because then we would go into debt," he said. By a majority vote of 17-1, the council agreed to apply for funding from the federal demand program.

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