Change in the church board completed

change in the church board completed

In a festive service in the church of st. Maria in der schney the previous church board says goodbye. The members of this committee, which decides on the services, the starting times, the use of the buildings, the finances, the affairs of the evangelic day care center for children "haus lowenzahn and the general work of the church community decides and in many areas beyond that actively cooperates, were in the past six to 30 years voluntarily there. It is no longer a matter of course to take on such responsibilities in the body of an independent church congregation, in which the pastor has one of nine votes, in her free time.

Since the last election in 2012, the church board in schney had to decide on the general renovation of the daycare center, which involved many additional appointments.

However, communion for children was also introduced, the congregation was consulted and finally a very nice communion chalice for the children was purchased, thus strengthening this new situation.

The band "glasklar was founded and a plant was bought for it.

The partnership with the parish in findon/patching/clapham has been established, and the third visit of a schney group there is already being planned for the coming whitsun vacations.

Many important decisions

In addition, there were many other important decisions, and without this church board, the numerous more creative services in the park or in the evening would not have been conceivable.

Pastor tanja vincent therefore thanked brigitte bredel, gerda hillmann, ruth gartner, ute grebner, charlotte kirmes, erich kretzschmar, roswitha schmidt and diana witzgall for their commitment, dismissed these church leaders and presented a cross as well as a photo collage to remember various experiences.

Afterwards she was able to introduce the newly elected and appointed as well as the members of the extended church board into their office. With leonie-zoe braun, ute geisler, petra hetz, jochen iberl, jana kosok, erich kretzschmar, simone spitzenpfeil, andre steffen, elke werner and diana witzgall ten men and women love to commit themselves to this honorary office. God’s blessing was promised to them and the congregation was asked to support them with prayer and energy.

The service was accompanied musically by dorothea lintzmeyer on the organ, the cantorei choir under the direction of dorothea lintzmeyer and the band "glasklar" designed. Afterwards, the congregation was able to thank everyone over a glass of champagne, coffee and cake and to celebrate the "new" congratulations on her vocation.

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