Altburg champion heinz neubert dies at 88

Altburg champion heinz neubert dies at 88

Heinz neubert died on 11. October one of the greatest personalities of albertshofen passed away. The oldburg master lived to be 88 years old. The deceased had the greatest responsibility in his home municipality as a local politician. In 1960, at the age of only 28, he was elected to the municipal council for the first time, and was then head of the city council from 1978 onwards. He headed the municipality for three periods and also served as deputy chairman of the kitzingen administrative community between 1990 and 1996.

In 1996, the municipality appointed him mayor of oldburg and his services were honored with the federal cross of merit on ribbon. Neubert was also awarded the highest municipal distinction, the municipal seal. In 1966, neubert joined the CSU and in 1972 founded the albertshof local association with like-minded people, which he led as chairman until 1988.

"I’ve always had no stress, but spab in honorary office", assured heinz neubert years ago". He was one of the founders of TSV albertshofen, took over responsibility early on, rose to the board level of the association in 1950 and worked there for several decades. He later became a member of the choral society and the vdk, which awarded him the gold loyalty badge. In addition, neubert was a founding member of the needs association and the local christian association of young people (YMCA) and the friends of nature and hiking.

He was awarded the state fire department badge of honor in silver and was made an honorary member by the fire department. He also rendered service to the community by donating a total of 128 units of blood between 1958 and 2000. In 1966, the master painter and plasterer was one of the founding fathers of the albertshofen sports club and was also the club’s guardian for many years. Uberortlich he made his mark from 1997 as 2. Gauschutzenmeister a name and succeeded edith herzlieb as gauschutzenmeister. His great merits for the guardianship earned neubert the protector badge of the bavarian sportschutzenbund as the highest award.

Heinz neubert was also the motor of the now defunct soldiers’, reservists’ and citizens’ comradeship and also acted as deputy district chairman of the bavarian soldiers’ association. He was sure of the strong support of his wife anni neubert, without whom he would never have been able to manage the many honorary posts.

After elementary school, heinz neubert had transferred to kitzingen’s realgymnasium, which was completely destroyed in a bombing raid in 1945. Since his father had to die in the war that year, heinz neubert was already required to support the family as a teenager and began an apprenticeship in his grandfather’s business. After receiving his journeyman’s certificate, he continued to attend school, was awarded his master’s certificate in 1957, and took over his father’s business, which he ran until 1997.

In 1954, he and his wife anni (nee schmitt) were married, and their marriage produced two daughters. Heinz neubert will be elected next friday at 13 pm.30 o’clock buried at the cemetery in albertshofen.

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