76-Year-old coburg man masturbates in front of children: “i want to beam away”

"I want to beam myself away, I don't want to live anymore", according to a 76-year-old man in court in a moment of formulated remorse. But it was real? Judge stefan jager and prosecutor franziska winkler made it clear several times during the trial on tuesday that they were not sure how to assess the senior accused of sexual abuse and exhibitionist behavior.

Seizure triggers erratic drive: driver seriously injured in upper franconia

in itself, the accused man appeared burdened – severely visually impaired and guarding a secret that his wife should not know about. The fact that he spent tuesday in the dock at the district court was, in his own words, something the coburg man tried to hide from her. But according to his own words, he himself also does not understand what got him into trouble at several times between april and june 2017 at the train station in bad staffelstein.

"I felt nothing at all"

Five times, according to the indictment, he allegedly pulled his member out of his pants in front of schoolchildren, sometimes masturbating. "I am deeply ashamed and deeply affected", the man commented on the accusation and affirmed that he had "nothing evil in mind" to have. But however he tried to explain his actions, it always came to a dead stop. "I did not go there in the consciousness, in order to be seen (thereby)", according to the accused. And further, referring to a possible gain in pleasure: "I have felt nothing, nothing works – I am 76, not 36."

But what exactly was it that made the senior behave so strangely?? This question was asked, an answer that included the admission of an inclination did not come. For this the full confession to have really deblobbed himself. With this accommodation, the accused also wanted to avert an evidentiary hearing in which eyewitnesses to the event, in this case primarily children, had to testify. "No, we don't do that. I would like to spare you that", the defendant resolutely affirmed shortly after the opening of the trial.

Victims do not have to testify

Children were not supposed to testify, but a police officer to whom these children in turn had once made statements about what had happened. "The mother of one child reported (…) a report, because her daughter became a victim of an exhibitionist – several times", the officer said, recalling.

What also got the ball rolling were the children's descriptions of how often something like this happened. Once, in october, a child had observed a scene at the train station that was repugnant to him and dialed 110. Arriving patrols from lichtenfels and bad staffelstein were able to arrest the pensioner promptly at the train station. "Why in front of children?", judge jager tried to explain by directly addressing the accused. But again he received the statement from the accused, according to which the latter did not understand himself. "What worries me a bit is that there have been four, five cases", jager emphasized his disconcertment and found a like-minded partner in public prosecutor winkler.

"I really have a hard time with the sentencing", she should also note in her pladoyer. In fact, the term of imprisonment for such cases starts from three months. Precisely because one could not speak of a trivial offense. But in view of the total circumstances like the bad see one must leave the punishing frame probably in the direction of fine: 4800 euro. The sentence against the 76-year-old, who had hardly any entry in his driving record, was to be 3600 euros. He will have to face the verdict in front of his seriously ill wife, he says. He also said he no longer wanted to go to the train station in bad staffelstein.


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